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Artwork printing

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  The printing scheme of Dongfang Longke handicraft has a better understanding of the handicraft. The handicraft products have a very high demand for printing resolution. Dongfang Longke has a wide application environment in various craft products such as jade buttons, activated carbon ornaments, wooden combs, souvenirs and so on, with the printing image effect of photos. No matter how exquisite the handicraft, the Dragon branch handles with ease.

  Dongfang Longke handicraft solution, industrial level printing, presents high-quality handicraft printing effect. The Ricoh nozzle cooperated with Ricoh improves printing capacity and precision, with a maximum precision of 2400dpi. It improves not only the colorful but also the adhesion. Excellent digital printing, brighter color output. The top team uses photoprin software to improve printing quality. Dedicated to high-cost R & D and production, in order to be more outstanding than the equipment in the same industry, Longke has spent a lot of costs for upgrading accessories. From the structure of the whole machine to the data transmission, from the application of the nozzle to the selection of accessories, Longke has made good products with ingenuity.




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