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2019 lovely dragon people, thank you for moving forward with

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  Shenzhen Dongfang Longke Industry Co., Ltd.:

  Youth meets camouflage, concentrate on Pearl River trip

  Sweat never loses youth, climbs the peak bravely, strives to become the fragrant flower finally

  Two days and one night, we seem to have experienced a long journey and an unprecedented transformation. Since the founding of Dongfang Longke, it has been seventeen years, which is inseparable from our leadership, R & D, technology, business and the hard work and great contribution of all Longke family members. Looking back on this 17 year history, it has both sweet and bitter taste, and it is a military chapter full of sweat and hardship!


  UV printer technology has just been formed and developed in China, and it has obtained UV color printing and UV ink-jet printing. The supply and demand should not be met. On the other hand, the impact on the traditional color printing market and silk screen printing market is very rapid development, and the UV market is difficult to meet. At this time, with the strong demand of domestic and foreign markets, we, Dongfang Longke, with more advanced technology, better service and more efficient management, are warmly welcomed by customers all over the world!

  However, due to the process of UV printing market is not standardized, the vicious competition caused by intermediate institutions, leading to the endless black curtain in the market, which makes many fake and shoddy enterprises without manufacturing qualification turn into malicious competitors in order to make huge profits.

  Based on this environment, we Dongfang Longke decided to completely break the status quo of UV printer market, we must make changes, otherwise, only Chinese manufacturers will face an unprecedented vicious market competition. In our opinion, any profiteering and malicious competition can not bring sustainable long-term development.

  We are determined to start our market adjustment decisively. From the production quality, our materials are customized by our suppliers' private models. For 17 years, we have been grinding products with guaranteed quantity, quality and step by step. Up to now, we have: high spray UV printer, high drop printer, non-standard customization machine, single pass high-speed printer, which has been online.~


  Time flies for 17 years, Dongfang Longke has always been a benchmark enterprise in the industry. With the rapid development and continuous expansion of the team, we have been integrating our resources from small UV printers, medium printers, large printers, now, single pass high-speed printers, non-standard customized machines. At present, we have successfully provided services to all prefecture level provinces and cities. The market network has been built and improved. Longke has brought efficient, convenient and transparent service system to numerous large, medium and small enterprises, making the UV market full of exquisite colors and a breakthrough in standardization.

  We said that in the future, we will strive to build a cross-border standard telephone service system. Take advantage of more powerful service system to provide solutions to color efficiency and other problems for large enterprises, small and medium-sized companies or entrepreneurs. Let our products, life, full of colorful world. And open to all major markets, free samples, free consultation, free design, free professional customization, preferential and preferential policies.

  During the two-day expansion in Zhuhai: our family of dragon science and technology, faced with the perception of a graduation wall, repeated mistakes and repeated visits, the team leader was punished again and again just because she was the team leader, just because she said: don't abandon, don't give up for a moment, our own flow down us, the most real, the most moving, the most sad, the most lovely, the most complex. The most touching tears^^^^

  Deep down, the most moving: our fiery heart becomes cold because of failure and setback, so that we can understand failure and accumulate experience for success; failure makes us grow more rapidly. The rainbow after rain is always the most beautiful.

  The training and expansion has inspired the team spirit, collective consciousness, hard work and hard-working quality of the Longke people, so that everyone can better lead the meaning of team discipline and the significance of norms. The Longke people take a new step in the aspects of ideological understanding and behavior. In the future, we, the Longke people, in the face of various difficulties, the Longke team, have survived countless nights and countless times. Testing, thinking, working and growing step by step, we will stand out and become a bright star of UV industry.

  Mr. Qiu said: in the future, Longke will march forward with you and walk into a new era with you, because we have the family of Longke people, the blood of Longke people, the passion of Longke people and the spirit of Longke people.


  Set out again to meet higher challenges with hot enthusiasm and gratitude! Now, Dongfang Longke has a clear goal and will continue to work hard to open up more market blue oceans under the leadership of our chairman and senior executives in the future. Provide users with better technical services for docking and high-end models, and create a more convenient, effective, professional, safe, open and transparent service platform.

  With regard to the current market share and rising trend of Dongfang Longke in the past 17 years, we said that after the baptism of this expansion, we have done a good job to meet a 17 year battle situation. Now, Dongfang Longke is a group of wolves working together towards the goal, and we give high recognition and appreciation to our current Dongfang Longke technology. We believe that under the leadership of our company, our team and our leadership, Dongfang Longke will move forward to a higher level. For the future, we will have a higher mission and responsibility waiting for us, and will continue to work for u. V color industry strive to promote the development direction of China's manufacturing industry, UV printing color cross-border, 3D printing, continuous normalization and standardization, and strive to present a healthy development trend for UV printing industry!

  If you want to know more about the price of UV printer, or configuration and other issues

  Please consult manager Zhang: 18948702771


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