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Application and advantages of UV printer in industry

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  UV printer led inkjet printer is a high-tech, free-form full-color digital printer, not limited by materials. UV printers are widely used in various industries, such as stickers, reflective films, canvas, carpet, tile, metal, ceiling, aluminum, wood, door plank, plexiglass, foam board, corrugated board, T-shirt, sliding door, cupboard door, sliding door, glass, sheet, all kinds of signs, crystal, PVC, acrylic, plastic, stone, color photo grade printing on leather and other surface.

  UV printer can be widely used in advertising industry, silk screen printing industry, high-end gift box processing industry, sign industry, home decoration industry, personalized printing, glass industry, exhibition and display, hardboard packaging, leather and textile industry, mobile notebook shell, etc. the key is that it can print once without plate making. It is not only colorful, wear-resistant, UV resistant, but also easy to operate. Printing image is fast and completely in line with industrial printing standards. At present, UV printer industry has begun to enter the high-end business, the overall profit is very considerable. UV printer related technology is also constantly improving and updating, and in the best areas into a broader field.


  UV printer adopts the latest LED cold light source technology, no heat radiation, can immediately illuminate without preheating, and the surface temperature of printing materials is low and does not deform. Adopt imported UV ink, spray drying, good printing fastness. Reliable technical guarantee has been obtained in nozzle control, weak solvent ink printing control, color curing strength, medium transmission accuracy and other technical problems.


  n terms of nozzles, UV printers use the latest generation of Ricoh G6 nozzles, which are intelligently distributed in ink dots and have higher printing accuracy than traditional UVs. With 8 rows of nozzles and two-color four color high-speed printing head, you can take the initiative in the fierce market competition and win more business opportunities. In terms of environmental protection, compared with the traditional mercury lamp UV flat printer, the new generation of color rhyme UV printer does not contain mercury, does not produce ozone, is safer and more environmentally friendly.

  In recent years, UV printer launched in printer market has won the praise of users in ink-jet printing and color printing industry for its good performance and wide printing range. It also has a good development and survival in the whole inkjet industry.

  This is mainly because UV printing can perfectly achieve personalized customized printing, and conform to the trend of people's life. From simple graphic printing to personalized customization, it not only realizes simple traditional printing, but also is more casual. You can print your favorite photos to clothes, cups, wallets, glasses, tiles, doors and windows, no matter what you think. At present, the maximum format of the color cloud machine can reach 3mx4m. For those with larger print format requirements, industry professionals can also customize according to customer needs.

  I believe that UV printer will be able to rely on its excellent printing effect and wide application in the market for a long time.

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