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Precautions for UV printer

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  Nowadays, the pursuit of the market is more personalized, small batch, high precision, green environmental protection, high efficiency has become the necessary requirements of the market. So what are the fatal disadvantages and advantages of UV printer in the market?

  The advantages of UV printer UV printer can meet people's personalized needs to the maximum extent. The design sample can be modified on the computer at will. The effect on the computer is the effect after the finished product, and can be directly produced after the customer is satisfied.


  The advantages of UV printer in the past a product from design, proofing to delivery takes several days or even dozens of days, but the application of UV printer technology can take 2-5 minutes to get the finished product, and the production batch is not limited, truly realize the production process of small batch, multiple varieties and high efficiency. The process flow is short, and the finished product is after printing, without post-processing such as steaming, washing, etc.; it has strong flexibility, and can be printed in a short time after the customer selects the scheme.

  Advantages of UV printer:

  No water, no sewage, UV printer controlled by computer, on-demand inkjet, no waste, no waste water pollution, no noise in the process of inkjet printing, realize the green production process without pollution.

  Advantages of UV printer:

  UV printing color is rich, whether it is full-color pattern, gradient color printing is easy, full of color photo effect. The design is fine, rich and clear, artistic and three-dimensional. White ink can be used to print patterns with relief effect, making the patterns lifelike. What's more, the printing process is not troublesome at all. Like household printers, one-time forming, that is, printing and drying, is incomparable with ordinary production technology. It can be seen that UV printers will have space in the future.

  Fatal disadvantages of UV printer

  1. The cost of ink is 1 times higher than that of ordinary water-based ink. UV printer is the fatal defect of UV printer. It is more necessary to choose UV printer according to the needs of its own materials. Each printing equipment is good at the field of printing, and should be selected according to local conditions.

  2. The limitation of some products, other than plane products, is like a circle at present. Arc products can't be printed yet. Generally, the drop of plane products is within 5mm. If it's beyond this range, it can also be printed, but the effect is not so ideal.

  3. At present, UV flat-panel printers are mixed. Some of them are refitted with Epson machines. In order to sell, some manufacturers don't really tell customers the advantages and disadvantages of the machines. Didn't tell the customer the shortcomings

  The main reasons are:

  1. The machine itself has problems;

  2. Some types of machines are not suitable for printing some products. For example, the machines for printing UV ink modified by Epson, such as ceramic background walls and glass, are not suitable, but some manufacturers only have such machines, so it is impossible to tell them.

  3. Printing speed is slow. Friends who have used the machine know that the printing speed is very important, and the printing speed of UV flat printer has always been the bottleneck of this industry. What the manufacturer and the customer said is not consistent with the actual printing speed after the purchase of the machine. At present, the real printing speed is still digital precision machine.

  4. The price of the machine is totally different. Even the manufacturer gives another kind of machine. Customers who don't know deeply may only know the size of the printed surface of the machine. They ask the manufacturer for this price, while another manufacturer is another price. Many customers feel that the machine should be almost the same, and they can buy the same manufacturer at the same price. In fact, the customer found that they had suffered losses after buying the machine, but it was too late. Price is of course important. The precondition is that if the same machines are configured in the same way, there will be price comparability. Otherwise, there will be a mystery.

  So how to buy your own UV flat printer?

  Based on our customers' practical experience in purchasing machines, we can learn that:

  1. Print the samples with your own products, and confirm that the effect is what you want.

  2. Do not believe in the so-called TV advertisements when actually visiting the manufacturer. Be sure to visit the manufacturer to see the machine to see the on-site printing effect.

  3. Confirm what series and configuration of the machine you want, or you can't be told that Epson modified UV flat printer is another big loss.

  4. Confirm the machine and the printing speed.

  5. What after-sales services can the manufacturer actually provide?

  The purchase of UV flat printer is used to make money for industry, not like clothes and pants, so please carefully inspect the machine for your own business.


  If you want to know more about the price of UV printer, or configuration and other issues

  Please consult manager Zhang: 18948702771


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