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UV printer nozzle maintenance skills, easy to handle small n

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  Every UV printer needs regular maintenance. Pay attention to the proper maintenance of the nozzle, which is the best way to keep the best work of the nozzle, and also the most important means to prevent the UV printer nozzle from blocking. If maintenance is neglected, as one of the core components of UV printer, replacing a nozzle is often tens of thousands.


  Sometimes the nozzle is blocked and can't be inked. We just need to clean it simply to make it as good as before. The following points are for reference only:

  I. after the installation of the equipment, the equipment nozzle shall be maintained. In order to make the nozzle in the best working condition, before the equipment is put into operation, make as many pictures or make a color band as possible to see whether the color of the color band is complete. When the color is lighter, it means that the hair spray is faulty.

  2. How to maintain the nozzle after the completion of daily work.

  After all the printing tasks are completed, the nozzle should be cleaned in time to avoid ink evaporation and clogging the nozzle to affect the best working state of the nozzle.

  A screwdriver, syringe, alcohol and a thin hose should be prepared before cleaning the UV printer nozzle.

  (1). Turn off the power supply to ensure safety, then use a screwdriver to remove the cover on the head of UV printer, timely pull out the wire plug connected with the nozzle, take out the nozzle, and then take down a small elastic piece pressing the ink cartridge above the nozzle and a small metal elastic piece on the right side of the nozzle.

  (2). Fill a syringe with alcohol, connect the thin hose to the outlet of the syringe, extrude the alcohol, clean the hose and repeat the operation for more than three times to ensure that the hose and syringe are clean. Then fill a syringe with alcohol, connect the thin hose, connect the other end of the thin hose to the ink suction port of the nozzle, then slowly and continuously squeeze the alcohol into the ink suction port, and clean the inside of the nozzle for many times to ensure that each nozzle has alcohol outflow, and repeat the operation until the alcohol outflow is clear and free of impurities.

  (3). After simple cleaning, install the UV printer nozzle back to the universal printer head, start the machine normally, run the self-cleaning software, and clean the nozzle automatically.

  3. treatment method after finding that the nozzle is slightly blocked

  (1). Regular cleaning: whenever the nozzle is found to be a little blocked, press the stop button without hesitation. After printing, use the manual ink extraction pad or negative pressure to spray ink from the nozzle for nozzle cleaning. Finally, spray some cleaning liquid on the nozzle surface with the plastic extrusion bottle to wash the residual ink.

  Note: do not use manual air pump with excessive force, otherwise the nozzle will be damaged due to excessive pressure.

  (2). Simple cleaning: use special cleaning solution or alcohol to clean the nozzle and wash through the blocked or inclined spray holes; note that it is better to use the standard cleaning solution cleaning function on the machine. If not, you can manually clean the injection through the syringe, and the strength should be controlled within 50kPa.

  (3). Medium cleaning method: use the second simple cleaning method to clean the nozzle, and then stick the non-woven fabric stained with the cleaning solution on the surface of the nozzle and place it for 12-24 hours.

  (4). Deep cleaning method: use the second simple cleaning method to clean the nozzle, and clean the surface of the nozzle. Then, pump back slightly through the syringe, and repeat several times until the detergent is injected, until all the spray holes are sprayed normally.

  4. treatment method for frequent blockage of nozzle in the process of spray painting

  (1). Press to stop the painting operation and move the head to the cleaning position at the leftmost end. Turn off the computer and equipment, press the ink on the nozzle, and clean it with special cleaning solution.

  (2). Disconnect the nozzle from the connected ink supply system, pull out the ink supply bag on the nozzle, and then use a glass syringe to extract a special cleaning solution to clean the nozzle. Method: use 40ml of cleaning solution every time, once every 10 minutes, 3-4 times in total.

  (3). Use positive pressure ink to empty the ink in the whole ink supply system, and use special cleaning liquid to clean the ink in the whole ink supply system;

  (4). Replace the filter, inject new ink, and connect the nozzle.

  5. treatment methods when the above treatment methods have little effect or have no effect temporarily

  (1). Remove the nozzle from the nozzle tray.

  (2). Pour a proper amount of special cleaning liquid into a clean glass container (such as beaker) so as to submerge the bottom of the nozzle 2-3mm after putting it into the nozzle. Do not soak it in the place of the main board of the nozzle. After 10 minutes of soaking, use the syringe to extract the cleaning liquid and wash it against the nozzle hole twice.

  Note: do not touch the main board inside the nozzle with cleaning fluid, otherwise the nozzle will be damaged. The time must be strictly controlled to prevent the nozzle from being damaged. It must be noted that the continuous use of the cleaner should not exceed three times.

  (3). Use a glass syringe to extract 40ml of cleaning solution to clean the nozzle. Only when the water is in a straight line can the cleaning effect be proved, and the nozzle can continue to be used.


  6. treatment method when the equipment is not in use for more than 48 hours

  If the equipment is not to be used for more than 48 hours, the ink in the nozzle must be cleaned, otherwise the ink in the nozzle will dry up due to the gradual volatilization of the ink, and even cause irreversible damage to the nozzle. The treatment method is as follows:

  (1). Turn off the power of the printer.

  (2). Move the head to the leftmost cleaning position, and place a corrosion-resistant container under the nozzle to contain the cleaning waste liquid.

  (3). Remove the nozzle, use the syringe to flush out the ink in the nozzle, and then use the special moisturizer to clean the nozzle. Because the residual cleaning fluid left in the nozzle will corrode the nozzle, so it is necessary to use moisturizer finally.

  (4). Put the cleaned nozzle into a dry corrosion-resistant container and seal it, especially those placed for more than one month, to prevent the moisturizer from drying.

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