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LK-2513 Coil UV printer

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  • LK-2513卷材機
  • LK-2513卷材機
  • LK-2513卷材機
  • LK-2513卷材機
  • LK-2513卷材機
  • LK-2513卷材機

  Six reasons for choosing dongfanglongke:

  1. color printing speed above 15 ㎡ / h

  2. High precision over 2400dpi

  3. nozzle life more than three years

  4. more than 125000 cooperative customers

  5. customer satisfaction 95%

  6. 17 years of UV printer production experience

  If you want to know more about the price of UV printer, or configuration and other issues

  Please refer to manager Zhang: 18948702771 (the same as wechat)




Equipment Model LK-2513J
Nozzle Ricoh Gen5
Nozzle number 2/3/4/6/8/10/16(OPTIONAL)
Highest output accuracy 2400dpi
Material thickness ≤100mm
Maximum weight of material 50kg/m²
Machine platform 2500mm*Nmm/2500mm*1300mm
Printing speed print mode
High speed mode
Standard mode
High precision mode
Print size 2.5m*Nm(materiel)/2500mm*1200mm(Flat)
Curing method LED/Mercury lamp curing
Printing material Various,advertising materials, decorative materials, handicrafts, etc., such as ceramic,glass, metal, plate, wood plate, plastic, wallpaper, etc.
Format of picture data PSD,AI,CDR,TIFF,PDF,JPG,EPS
communication interface USB 2.0
operating system Win7 64
Power Supply AC220V/380V  50HZ/60HZ
power 8KW
Operating environment Temperature: 20-28 ℃, humidity: 40-60%
Net weight 2000kg
Machine size Length / width / height: 2.6m* 4.4m* 1.5m



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